sept to dec 2015 119The door to empowerment lies within and you hold the key.

I am happy to be your guide to unlock your treasure chest of possibilities. Creating what you desire can be your reality. You can take control.

Has your enthusiasm for life taken a hike? Are you looking for pizzazz and a bounce in your step?

When you are living a fulfilling path, life is rewarding and you are eager to face your day. Passion and zest for embracing a dynamic life is our birthright. Are you ready for it? Exuberance for life is not reserved just for puppies.

Are you searching, struggling and desiring change? With the tap of your fingertips, life can shift in a dramatic empowering fashion. The modality used in my sessions addresses all kinds of issues and challenges. Some of the rewards and benefits are shared below from satisfied clients.



104_104_Any type of fear can be cleared. Our fears seem very real and logical to us. Are you controlled by your fears? Liberation is possible.

“I want to thank you for our session. The problem we worked on has disappeared. It was a fun session. You certainly helped me move the fear surrounding my surgery. I was able to have blood taken yesterday with no reaction whatsoever. You are a caring and compassionate woman. After our work I feel more in control, happier and more confident in anything I face. I am not worried about my upcoming surgery. With your skill and knowledge, whomever comes to you for help will find a complete change in their lives.” -Marilyn

“Carol Ann is an intuitive caring practitioner. She skilfully helped me to identify the patterns of thinking that led to my fear of trying new things. She supported me to safely make changes and move forward free and confident.” -Kim


Unable to Let Go

grahams rd pei mystic sky snow 2015 024Too often our past remains tangled up in our present. Do you focus on former hurts and rehash old stuff? Do you struggle with facing your day?

“I feel that tapping has helped me with some things in my life that I did not think anything could ever help me let go. I am very happy that Carol Ann has come into my life and introduced me to this wonderful tool called Faster EFT. I have a lot more things to address and am excited that I can look forward to working with her to do this. Carol Ann is very easy to talk to, is intuitive and non-judgemental, generous, caring and kind.” -Cheryl

“Carol Ann has given of herself and used her ability to open past experiences of mine guiding me to be able to work through old issues. Of course I did not realize how much of an impact these old issues had on me all these years until they were brought to the surface. They were skilfully released and the emotional charge neutralized via her coaching. What a relief and what freedom I felt at the time of the session and continue to feel. Thank you.” -Susan


Loss, Sleep Disturbances

107_107Our earthly existence gifts us lots of experiences around loss. Life is very burdensome when carrying a heart filled with grief, trauma and regrets. One cannot feel empowered or enthusiastic with such a mindset. Do you seek motivation, calmness and a renewed passion and appetite for life? Is your sleep challenged?

“Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Carol Ann and her expertise in pet grief. After years of mourning the loss of a beloved cat, I was finally able to release the negativity and guilt associated with his passing. I now see the relationship I had with him, although brief, served a very divine purpose. Thank you. thank you. thank you!” -Angel

“After just three sessions which we Skyped, I feel much more relaxed. I work in the holistic field but was a little sceptical about working through Skype even though I do long distance healing myself. I have tried many alternative treatments to help with relaxation, sadness over my sister’s death, guilt and sleep problems. Faster EFT has helped significantly better than anything else, especially with the grief of my sister’s death. I had a hard time letting go since we were very close and there was nothing I could do to help her since she did not live nearby. I felt like I had a huge lump in my throat which made it difficult to swallow. It actually made me choke sometimes and I was worried something was physically wrong with me. After these treatments the lump is gone. I used to feel guilty if I was not busy. It was learned behavior from my Mom who was always busy. Now I do not feel rushed to get things done or feel guilt when I relax. I am working with my patience but it is much better. My sleep has improved. I am able to sleep through the night without night terrors. I thank you so very much. This is very effective and worth trying.” -Debbie


Apprehension and Worry

148_148Too often our mind takes us on a path of worry and results in blowing things out of proportion. We can restore calmness and recapture fulfillment. Are you bothered by a nagging doubt or apprehension? Do you seek rewards of what comes from fully embracing and loving life? Do you want to ignite the sparkle and passion of your heart’s desires?

“Thank you so much for the Skype session. I was anxious about it since I have never received a session before through the Internet. I was very pleased with how well the issued cleared. I had been struggling with anxiety unable to cope with my perceived lack of support. Your ability to connect even over cyberspace was great. You listened, questioned and got a good picture of the full extent of the challenges. It all came together in the phrases we tapped away and later inserting the positive. It was a wonderful first session for me and a long distance one. I look forward to many more. Thank you so much.” -Gary


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi