Presentations custom designed around the needs of your business are available.

Presentations for your Business

Perhaps your employees’ morale is low and needs a tune up. Do you struggle with absenteeism or low productivity?

022_22Stress is prevalent everywhere in today’s world. Employees take whatever their personal stress is to work with them every day. Learning to take conscious control of it could put more smiles on the faces of all the workers in the office. A workshop speaks to a higher understanding of how we create stress and problems. What are the triggers that set someone off and how can one take charge of such? You will learn that everything is a choice and one can choose to take conscious control. We can respond to a situation or react. A discussion of perception is an integral part of the workshop. Tools will be shared which can create ongoing success in the office and home environment. One on one sessions with the managers or employees is scheduled after the presentation.


Access Empowerment Presentations

Discover how to create powerful shifts and results in your life. Learn how and why we create problems. Create better ways to use your mind to your advantage and develop better outcomes. Learn how to release blocks and patterns which keep you stuck. Stop procrastination. Develop control of your emotions and your triggers. Let go of being controlled by your anger, grief, depression, addictions or worry. Shift those negative troublesome memories into something beautiful and make peace with your past.


Presentations for quitting smoking, releasing stress or overcoming life’s challenges are available. All our issues are tied to what is held in our belief system on a known and unknown level. Understanding how to reframe our thoughts is addressed as well as conscious intervention strategies. You will have a higher knowing of the powerful role our thoughts and emotions have on all areas of our lives. Beliefs, stress, perceptions and the mind body connection are topics of discussion. What is tapping and why it works, along with demonstrations will be shared.