Life certainly has led me to unexpected paths and adventures. I never envisioned becoming a blogger. Magically, when I built my website a tab was set up for “Blog.” My higher self was paving the way and I listened. I sense an angel played a hand also.

As a long time writer I have often shared my excitement of how I wrote such and such a story. Yet in truth it is never sourced from myself alone. Below is an excerpt from my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels.

“January 2014

I have placed an order of books for me to sell and my first shipment arrives on January 2. Once again, this is most propitious timing. My romance began with my Robert Charles love on New Year’s Eve forty years ago. Now here I am looking at the book of my journey with this unique one-of-a-kind soul. I mail some books to closest friends and to my parents. Over the next few days, I lie on the couch with the book next to my heart and spend time reading. Tears of overwhelm take over every time I read. I cannot make much progress. For the first time, I now read my co-creative writings as an observer instead of as the author.

I call my writing “co-creative,” because I believe any creative effort done by anyone is never accomplished totally solo. One of the most frequently used words by humans is likely “I.” However, we are all surrounded by invisible helpers; thus a lot of what we attribute to ourselves alone is in fact a co-creation.”

I personally find it very comforting and exciting to know that creativity is aided by my unseen supporters. It gives me an extra boost of enthusiasm. We are never truly alone.

Are you ready to co-create something special? Perhaps you can imagine that angel hovering nearby and know you are being heard. Then TRUST, and get out co-creating.

I am excited to share that my second book, Tapping on the Wings of Angels, A Journal of Spiritual Synchronicity and Messages with the Other Side, is now available to pre-order on



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