Enjoy this uplifting short movie. For fun tap along with it as you feel your stress. “Let it go, I am safe as I let it go.”

Some of the statements may be shocking to hear for the first time or maybe you have heard it before. Nonetheless no matter if you know this information it is a great reminder.

Shock yourself in a good way by hearing that you are the elephant in the living room creating what is in your way.

Absorb the words, your body is living in the past, seven days a week and every day.

Awaken with wonderment to the words that you have the possibility to converge your truest self with the universe allowing the universe to respond to you. Engage and embrace the magical notion of being in sync with the universe. Doesn’t that sound yummy and delicious to you?

Do you want to become a part of humanity who is manifesting from the heart creating what you desire?

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