Taste the flavor of my book with the story, “Walking Through My Past.”

This speaks to a chapter of my life where I consciously retrieved lost aspects of my soul from an event in my past.  When we are in a state of crisis or trauma parts of our soul shatters and can be left behind.  During one of my most challenging periods of my life I left large chunks of Carol Ann behind.

Thanks to being a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence I was able walk through my past with my four legged angel puppy in training by my side.  I emerged more whole and complete.

May this story inspire and allow you to see possibilities for yourself.

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Join Carol Ann as she meets her true love while working as a cook on an oil rig in northern Alberta, Canada. Pregnancy results, and they turn their son over for adoption. Many years later she and Robert are blessed in marriage and reunite with their son while living in Arizona. Prior to their fourth wedding anniversary, her love succumbs to lung cancer. Serendipity guides her to raising five service dog puppies. Along with her own two labs, Saber and Spook, each dog in turn and together heal her heart as she navigates the maze of grief. Her husband’s devotion from the other side comforts and restores her back to her truest self.

Thanks to a dog, she is gifted a relationship with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, author of On Death and Dying. She gives voice to her dogs, working through the aid of animal communicators to ensure mutual understanding. They know their roles, and she in turn is aware of their purpose. Both Carol Ann and the dogs are always treated as spiritual beings in dog form, rather than as dogs, or in human form having a spiritual experience.

Savor the humor of her departed husband’s mischievous spirit moving things about and whispering in her ear through an owl or through entering the body of her guide-dog puppy in training. Learn why her dog Treasure is afraid of balloons but loves to pop them.

Follow her as she returns to her home in Canada at Vancouver Island. She is guided to cross the Canadian rainbow with her three labs to the shores of Prince Edward Island on the east coast. She emerges triumphant from her gift of trusting in her heart and the guidance of her dogs and divine spirit. Inspire yourself as you walk in her shoes and the paws of her beloved four-footed angels.

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“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” -Albert Einstein