What I Believe

  • You and I are perfect in our imperfections.
  • You and I are not broken in any fashion.
  • You and I are innate healers with the ability to clear any trauma or limitation.
  • From the moment of your birth to the moment of your transition into the great beyond, problems will exist.
  • Our memories of the past are no longer real. Only this moment of now is real.
  • We all struggle with the same pains and emotions, only the plotlines differ.
  • Dis-ease is a product of stress and unreleased emotions.
  • Owning and taking responsibility for wherever you are is crucial and can be fun.
  • The mind is the most magnificent creation and you can grasp conscious control of this beautiful gift.
  • All of us have the capacity to embrace awesomeness. It is a CHOICE.
  • I invite you to choose EMPOWERMENT.



2015 mystic ca sky 021However you arrived at my site I welcome you. There is a reason you are drawn here. We all need to listen to our inner calling. My blessed life journey has been a real emotional rollercoaster yet I taught myself to follow the synchronistic trail of breadcrumbs.

Thanks to the spirit flight of my beloved husband Robert Charles, I was shadowed by five service dog puppies in training. At that same time while living in Carefree, Arizona, U.S.A., I assisted cancer patients and hospice patients with the aid of my working four leggers. Our home in the beautiful Boulders community of Carefree rocked with many a wild and wet dog party. The spirit of my Robert was all smiles as he oversaw the howls and barks of four leggers and laughing smiles of the two leggers.

The presence of many dogs in my life was a huge divine gift enabling me to turn outward helping others to independence, acceptance and peace with their lives. My path opened me to various forms of energy healing. My time spent at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery while living on a study abroad program in mystical, enchanting Nepal in 1979 formed a good base of a belief system which is cemented in to this day.

Namaste, the Sanskrit greeting of the Nepalese and Tibetans, is my favorite word.


I recall sitting outside with a glorious view of the Himalayas in the distance speaking to my group about the transformative ten days at the monastery which had included days of complete silence. It was a true inner bling moment of awakening as I realized that I had become attached to my personality. I returned to college life in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. and completed my masters degree in international studies. The prayer flags of Nepal remained tucked inside my heart and I was forever changed.

The reason I share this nostalgia leads me to Faster EFT, my tool of choice for empowerment. Thanks to Mr. Google, I was blessed to tap away layers of lifetime patterns and stuckness which had been holding me back. Faster EFT discovered Carol Ann and I am forever changed once again. I had been at a crossroads in my life and have discovered my inner calling. We all become attached to our past, to our wounds, to our fears, to our identities and cannot envision life without them. Yet letting go of that which no longer serves you can be liberating and fun.


Travel has been a part of my adventures which included a solo bicycle trip while camping in fields with my luxurious pup tent as I merrily pedaled my way through the British Isles. I grew up in Stratford, Ontario, Canada and made my way west to work on an oil rig as a cook at the age of twenty. Years later, schooling called me to Denver, Colorado. My next move took me to a long stay in the desert heat of Carefree, Arizona.


Seven years after the transition of my Robert, I drove with four Labradors and a keeshound to Vancouver Island of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My brother Mark was my two legged companion. It was a very full car, needless to say! I hopped to three different beautiful homes. After a four year stay of quiet solitude in the river trees of remote north Vancouver Island, I was ready to head to the eastern end of the Canadian rainbow. I drove with my three Labradors to magnificent Prince Edward Island. My Mystic Love black lab mix is now my constant shadow.

In my past I have spent time immersed in the abyss of darkness, feeling trapped without any hope of light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, thanks to my spirituality, my dogs, my inner strength, determination and courage I survived, emerging triumphant. I learned to inspire Carol Ann and in the process inspired others. I even wrote a book which truly surprised myself. Now I am empowering myself further through the use of Faster EFT and am honored to invite you to do the same. Humanity is hungry for authenticity. I invite you to step through your door into empowerment.